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Filled Food Boxes with Animal Shape Sandwiches

From just £3.50 each (Minimum order of 12 and then in multiples of 6)


This is an example of products in our food boxes.  Items may vary according to availability at time of order



                           Animal shaped sandwiches include, cat, pig, panda and frog

Let us help ease the stress out of preparing your party food by providing you with filled food boxes for every child at your event. Food boxes are available in varying themes or just plain colours. Examples are set out below. If you require anything specific (for dietary or any other reason) then please do ask and we will try our best to fulfil your requirements.  PLEASE NOTE that we cannot guarantee that any of our products have not been in contact with nuts so please beware if any children have a nut allergy.

The listed price of £3.50 is for standard non-"licensed" boxes.  Please see below as regards boxes with "licensed" themes.

Contents in each food box are as follows:

2 x Animal shaped (or standard shaped) sandwiches with a choice of fillings.  Shapes are of very cute panda, cat, pig and frog faces.   Either jam, cheese spread or chocolate spread sandwiches will be pre-cut to animal shapes unless requested otherwise.  We generally use milk roll bread (a good source of calcium!).

Small packet of crisps or savoury snacks such as Hula Hoops, Wotsits, Quavers

Froob (yoghurt stick)

Chocolate treat such as Freddo, Penguin, Club, KitKat

Babybel Cheese

Fruit Shoot or other alternative kids drink in various flavours


Themes to choose from as follows:

Animal Parade, Animals, Butterflies, Dinosaurs, Football, Happy Birthday, Pets, Pirates, Teddy Bears

The following "branded" boxes can be supplied for an additional £1 per box.  If you require another theme which is not listed then please ask as we will always try our best to obtain it for you.

Peppa Pig, Frozen, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse: