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Printed Balloons (Children's Images)

We have a variety of latex balloons on offer.  All our balloons are made by Qualatex, who have an excellent reputation for quality balloons. Price includes helium and ribbon.  If you would like to buy the balloons without helium please contact us for prices.

Each balloon measures approximately 11 inches.

Please choose weight separately.  NB:  If balloons are to be supplied in decorative bunches with weights there will be an extra surcharge added to the basic prices.  Please contact us for details as this price varies depending on the order). 

Prices as follows:

1-5 balloons     £1.80 each      

6+ balloons      £1.60 each

Cuddly Pets. Colours include: yellow, orange, pale blue and lime green. 2-sided print including cat, dog, bear and dolphin. 

Farm animal.  Colours include: yellow, pink, pale blue, white and spring lilac. 2-sided print including pig, horse, cow, sheep and chicken.

Jungle Animal.  Colours include: orange, pale blue and lime green. 2-sided print. 

Cuddly Dinosaurs.  Colours include red, orange, tropical teal, goldenrod, rose, spring lilac, and lime green. 



Princess. Available in pink rose, pink and spring lilac.

Fairies and Butterflies.  Available in pearl magenta, pearl pink, pearl lavender and clear.


We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without prior notice.