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An example of all weights is shown below (mostly in neutral colours).  More colours are available.  Please ask if there is a specific colour you would like or we will provide you with neutral colours.

Star shaped 3D balloon weights.  Each weight can hold up to 10 x 11 inch latex balloons.  Measures approximately 4 inches tall.  Price: £1.30 each


Double heart weight that measures approximately 62mm x 120mm. Each weight holds up to 15 x 11 inch inflated latex balloons. Price: £1.70 each

Pastel and white star shape balloon weights.  Ideal for holding individual balloons. Perfect for childrens parties. Price: 20p each

Red, blue, green and yellow cake shape balloon weights with happy birthday writing.  Ideal for holding individual balloons.  Price: 20p 

Bangle weights. Perfect for giving to children. Ideal for holding individual balloons. Price: 20p each


Foil tassel weights that measure approximately 5 inches tall. Each piece can hold up to 10 x 11 inch inflated latex balloons. Price: £1 each

Gift bag balloon weights. Price: £1 each


We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without prior notice.