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Wheelybug Ride On Toys

Wheelybugs go forwards, backwards, sideways and round and round.  They can provide hours of fun for your little ones.

We have 2 sizes of Wheelybugs available for hire.  The Tiger is size small and suitable for babies aged 12-30 months and the Mouse is size large and suitable for ages 30 months - 5 years (approximately).


•  Small: Length 39cm x Width 23.5cm x Height 31cm

•  Large: Length 48cm x Width 29cm x Depth 32cm 

Small Wheelybug - £6 per hire

Large Wheelybug - £7 per hire

OR hire both Wheelbugs for only £12!

Here are our Wheelybug Rules:

Must only be used inside on level surfaces as ride on toys can tip over on surfaces that are not flat.
Children should only use the toy under adult supervision.
For use only by children able to walk unassisted.  
Should not be used as an aid or support for walking.
Do not allow children to use on or near steps.
Only one rider at a time.
Multiple riders can cause tipping over.
Do not allow a child to stand on the seat.  
The Wheelybug should be ridden with both feet on the ground.
Maximum rider weight recommended is 25kg or 50lbs.


Please all 07949 454048 or email us on for bookings or further information.